A Federal Integrity Commission

The Federal Government needs to do better on National Integrity

Australia needs a strong, independent and well funded federal national integrity commission.

Australians expect the Federal Government to uphold the highest ethical standards.  MPs have a responsibility to be transparent, honest and ethical about how they spend taxpayers' money.  The priority must be for the public good and not private profit.  

In recent years there have been numerous projects, schemes and grants that question the integrity of the Federal government.      

There is real concern that powerful vested and political interests are undemocratically influencing government decisions. 

It is time to create an independent federal national integrity commission against corruption - one that has the powers to fully investigate federal government scandals including the:

  • 'Leppington Triangle' land, near Western Sydney Airport, that was purchased by the federal government for $30 million but was only valued at $3 million
  • Australia Post scandal that saw its Board approve the purchase of luxury Cartier watches valued at $20,000, the 'unfair sacking' of Christine Holgate, Australia Post CEO and the secret $1.3 million Boston Consulting Group report to privatise Australia Post
  • commuter car parking grants that were approved on the eve of the 2019 Federal election with no merit or eligibility criteria, no published guidelines, no cost-benefit analyses and no significant consultation about the sites.  The $660 million fund to build carparks were chosen at the discretion of Coalition MPs and Coalition candidates in marginal seats. 
  • Robo-debt scheme that was deemed illegal and ended up costing the government $1.2 billion in payouts - yet no Minister was held accountable for it.

Many fear that political ‘pork barrelling’ is being normalised.   

The federal electorate of Bradfield has a responsibility to speak out against the abuse of power. 

Bradfield can do better on national integrity.